Gnocchi Parisienne
pork cheek bolognese | nicoise olive gremolata
asiago cheese

Fried Brussels Sprouts
bacon jam | sauce maltese

Steamed P.E.I. Mussels
caramelized apples | sweet peppers | cotija cheese
white wine | smoked vidalia onion cream

Braised Lamb
Abita Root Beer glaze | croustade | pickled fennel | grain mustard

New Orleans BBQ Shrimp
ciabatta | creole meuniére garlic sauce

Boudin Scotch Egg
bacon braised black eyed peas

Andouille Fried Gulf Oyster Salad
bibb lettuce | roasted artichoke | tomato confit
hard boiled quail egg | smoky blue cheese dressing

"Spanish" Caesar Salad
bibb lettuce | chickpea beignets | grilled red onion

cured egg yolks | manchego | cilantro-lime caesar dressing


Seared Gulf Fish
chorizo dirty rice | roasted broccolini and pepitas
jumbo lump crab | smoked tomato hollandaise

Hunter's Style Chicken
"twice" fried chicken breast | grana padano grits
roasted baby carrots | sauce chasseur

Charred Hanger Steak
hand cut fries | marchand de vin | smoked bone marrow butter

Fish and Chips
Abita Beer batter | hand cut fries | malt vinegar aioli

b&b pickles | onions | not-so-secret sauce | hand cut fries

Ginger Beer Braised Beef Short Ribs
brown butter | garlic & ginger fried rice
caramelized savoy cabbage | curry roasted peanut & herb salad

Seafood Bouillabaisse
gulf fish | shrimp | littleneck clams | mussels
snow peas | tomato-lemongrass broth | red curry rouille

Chappapeela Farms Pork Chop
white hominy | andouille and poblano hash
tuscan kale | salsa verde

black truffle cream | confit crimini mushrooms
roasted cauliflower | cashew-arugula pesto


Sauteed Seasonal Vegetables

Chorizo Dirty Rice

Hand Cut Fries

Grano Padano Grits